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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Benefits

Mobile Phone Signal Jammers Benefits

A cell phone jammer prevent and disable any mobile telephone communications into specific areas of a building or in open space to....

•Prevent industrial espionage where mobile units are used as bugging devices or used to take pictures(camera phones)
•Counter terrorism threats such as remotetly detonated bombs in high risk areas
•Eliminate public nuisance in places like movie theaters, restaurants and church

How Mobile Phone Signal Blocker Works

Cellphones are 2-way radios which communicate through cell towers. A cell phone signal jammer work by sending strong signals over the same frequencies used by mobile units to effectively disrupt the communication between the device and the cell tower. The result is an unworking mobile unit displaying "no network".

Cellular Jammers Physical Description

It comes in different sizes and shapes. Some are pocket size, some are much bigger. Some are disguised as regular cell phones, or brief cases.

Considerations Before Buying a Cell Phone Jammer:

•What is the Effective jamming range (10-50+ meters)
•Which Cellular systems it can block(cdma for north america ,gsm for europe & asia, tdma,4G, 3G amps,pcs,dcs or All?)
•How many cellular systems(cdma etc..) it can block at the same time(low end models only block 1 type at once while more sophisticated ones will block several systems at once)
•Appearance:regular unit or disguised as another type of device ?
•Size & weight