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Service and Training

Service and Training

Sigint.sk prides itself on its dedicated pre-sale and post-sale customer service and technical support.

Both our Sales and Technical Engineering teams are intensively focused on delivering ideal solutions to our customers, both end users and distributors/integrators. We work together with our customers to provide specialized and highly reliable solutions which consistently prove to be perfectly suited to the particular needs of each individual customer.

Our core products, consisting of a comprehensive range of Vehicular Bomb Jamming, portable/tactical bomb jammers and fixed-installation jamming systems are designed for fast and easy field deployment and operation. Simple-to-follow operating manuals accompany each system. For customers of our integrated vehicular jamming systems, we conduct two- or three-day in-depth training seminars at the customer’s location or our own premises, whichever the customer prefers.

We develop and manufacture equipment vital to the protection of human life, and we are totally committed to quality assurance in every aspect of our products and services. Although our jamming systems are designed to be virtually maintenance free, our Service Engineers are on hand day and night, by email and telephone, to provide immediate troubleshooting and support.

Our goal is to deliver optimum solutions, while ensuring their continuous and trouble-free operation. Please contact us today for more information.