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Prison Jamming Solutions

Why Do We install Waterproof High power Cell phone Jammers in Prison

The rapid development of wireless communication, makes great convenience to the lives of people around the world. But criminals abuse already seriously do harm to people's lives and impartial law enforcement.

Inmates take use of the wireless communication equipment and engage in the illegal activity with the outside partisans. They command to murder the witness and try to be acquitted, even making the riots to escape from the jail.

Sigint.sk specialized in developing the
Waterproof High power Cellphone jamming system for the buildings, completely block the inmates cellular phone communication inside the prison. We have been successfully applied our high power jamming system in the European, South American, mid-east countries and etc.



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1. How to design and install the cellphone jammers in prison to avoid the interference to the residential areas? 
During the installation of jammers in prison, How to make progress on the prison jammers installation? And How to reduce the difficulty of the construction and save the engineering cost?
3. To install the jammers in the prison, some data should be offered as.


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