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  • Name:Vehicle Jamming system Military Convoy Protection
  • Model:EU-VIP SOO
  • Features:

    EU-VIP SOO is a Vehicle Jamming System,Convoy Jamming System,RCIED Jammer,

    ● Equipped with an ultra-broadband frequency bands : 450-2500Mhz
    ● All frequency bands are jammed continuously and simultaneously
    ● Designed with shockproof case. Easy of mobility, can be carried like a trolley.
    ● Device body is no more than 35Kg
    ● Integrated back-up battery system for continuous silent operation and fast start
    ● Integrated independent "smart active" cooling system
    ● System management (activation, control and operation) is carried out via a remote control unit which is installed (in a covert manner) inside the Driver's console unit.Provided with a on/off switch for each separate frequency band.
    ● Special RF protection shielding design to make sure the passenger and VIP's safety
    ● Installed in the trunk of the vehicle with a ventilation system to make sure a continuous operation in a small space.

Product Details
To protect military and VIP team as well as some important place from the road-side remote improvised explosive device (RCIED) attacks is becoming a global challenges and tremendous task in security fileds. Sigint.sk EU-VIP SOO has been specially customized to accommodate a broad-band bomb jamming system which simultaneously covers the relevant bands of radio frequencies .It is designed to be mounted in the trunk of vehicle to prevent the criminals or terrorists who are using to detonate RCIED. Total RF power up to 500Watt, resulting in bigger shielding range.RF frequency bands from 450-2500Mhz.

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Note: All Bomb Jammers,IED Jammers,RF Signal Jammer and RCIED Jammers,including cell phone jammers and mobile phone jamming devices are sold for governmental, law enforcement and military users only.